I’m always in search of flavorful and satisfying recipes that also meet my nutritional needs by not exceeding my per-meal limits for calories, carbs, fat, cholesterol.

Just like you, I’ve been collecting recipes forever. I’m often looking everywhere for one that I’ve saved and can’t find it, or can’t remember the name, or the page is gone. I’ve become fed up with sites that change how they work or become terribly unfriendly due to software changes, and simply decided I want my stuff where I can always get to the information even if I’m not at home.

That said …. if I post your recipe, let me know so I can give you credit! OR if you prefer I take it down from the site, please just let me know and I will do so immediately. It’s not my intention to populate this site with the work of other people. My only intention is to keep track of recipes I like and have modified for my own personal taste.

Sometimes the recipes are a dud, sometimes they just need a little tweaking. I may post an idea I want to try out, one I’ve tried and possibly made some adjustments, or one that I think is a finished product. Finished recipes *might* have a link to the pdf file for printing or downloading. I haven’t quite decided yet on that idea.

COMMENTS – Don’t be mean! Please remember this site was built by me, for me, and posted only so that I may access from anywhere. I look forward to your thoughts!